Saturday, March 16, 2013

[Batik Applique : Dragon and Monkey]

When my sister saw the Tissue pouchs I've made, she asked me to made a special one for her.  "How about with two dragons and a monkey for the application," she said.   Since her husband's chinese zodiac is a dragon and so is her son, and monkey is her chinese zodiac.

Yo, her husband, has a very big and smart eyes... their little son, Goji, is only about 5 months old. He is so cute and handsome. My sister, Pam is a pshycologist, she has a beautiful and wise smile... her eyes will 'almost gone' when she shows you a very big smile... :) :)

With those 'characteristics' in my mind, I took some batik patchwork and synthetic leather ... here is Tissue pouch with LOVELY APPLIQUE on it.
I did not draw the picture by myself... just ask Mr.Google :)

Here it is...

lovely applique for a lovely family

and this is the lovely family ... :) 

crafty hug,